D-RISK The future -Control complexity & make better decisions


I am an anthropologist with over 10 years of work experience spanning legal, financial, natural resource, consumer and non-governmental sectors.

I combine qualitative data with research methods such as interviews and surveys to explore the self-reported listener experience and understand perceptions, generate comprehensive findings, and eliminate blind spots in the following areas:

  • non-financial risk, including reputational risk
  • sustainability
  • community engagement
  • social impact
  • legal / compliance
  • corporate ethics
  • corporate social responsibility
Magda Dąbkowska

The goal is to control emerging dynamics that haven’t happened yet, but which will have a big impact on business. D-Risk the Future takes into account an organisation’s entire ecosystem to better understand the external environment and its risks.

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The focus is on areas that go unnoticed, actions, events, or behaviour which we call “normal” or “ordinary” and therefore we do not pay enough attention to.

  • Gathering relevant information from in-depth conversations with key industry decision makers and other stakeholders along the value chain.

  • Collecting and analysing user behavior and needs through field studies, user interviews, ethnography, surveys, benchmark studies, online testing.

  • Exploring that which is unobservable in behaviour and quantitative data through which the phenomena gradually represents itself resulting in knowledge.

  • Making sure that insights get translated into actionable product improvements or directions for new business opportunities.

  • Showcasing research findings through written reports and executive presentations.

Practical applications

  • Make ethical profit that considers the environment and communities.

  • Promote responsible innovation that has sustainable future as its ultimate goal.

  • Discover trends in consumer behaviour.

  • Discover cultural know-how and apply it across the realm of communication and advertising.


Deep dives into how people think, act and communicate.

  • Developing an in-depth understanding of how brands communicate in the holistic German drinks market.
  • Qualitative research for a global retailer focusing on youth from minority backgrounds in Berlin to understand consumers’ relationship with nature and the outdoors.
  • Assessed the performance of business operations against internationally recognised corporate governance, ethical, labour and human rights standards to promote responsibility, sustainability and transparency at an energy company.
  • Implementation and assessment of the non-financial risk framework. Overseeing remediation of non- financial risks and adherence to risk appetite and tolerance.
  • Developed a digital tool to help journalists get access to fast and reliable translations using existing products on the internet.

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I empower companies and organisations to grow by giving them the strategy, insights, and skills to become a trusted brand and a force for good. Write to me in English, Polish, German or Spanish. I look forward to working with you.